Remembering My Pet

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Kids need honest, caring words and hands-on activities to accept and grow through the loss of a beloved pet.

Why did this happen? How do I feel? What can I do? What happens next?

The death of a pet is often a child’s first encounter with grief. How your child learns to cope through this experience may affect his or her attitude into adulthood. With wisdom from a skilled psychotherapist and the broad multi-faith perspective of a Christian minister, Remembering My Pet provides a sensitive and practical resource that will help children ages 7-13 cope with the death of a beloved animal.

Children can write, draw, read, create and express feelings via concrete, hands-on activities including:

  • Becoming
  • a Memory Detective to piece together clues to remember their
  • pet
  • Planning
  • a memorial service and making a pet memorial
  • Recording
  • photo memories of their pet
  • Honoring
  • their pet’s memory by giving to others
  • Open and gentle, this book will help your child―and you as the
  • parent―understand difficult concepts and communicate deep feelings
  • as your child grows through this personal season of
  • mourning.

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