Remembering My Grandparent

Honest, caring words and activities―from a Christian perspective―can help kids work through their grief.

The death of a grandparent is often a child’s first encounter with grief. Why did this happen? How do I feel? With wisdom from a skilled psychotherapist and the progressive perspective of a Christian minister Remembering My Grandparent provides a sensitive and practical resource that will help children ages 7-13 cope with the death of a loved one.

Kids can write, draw, pray, create, and express feelings via concrete, hands-on activities including:

  • Part
  • One: Remembering after the Funeral
  • Part
  • Two: Remembering throughout the Whole Year
  • Part
  • Three: Remembering during the Holidays
    • Becoming
    • a Memory Detective to uncover clues to their grandparent’s own
    • childhood
    • Recording
    • favorite memories, photographs and events
    • Turning
    • Christmas, Easter and other holidays into times of special
    • remembrance

Open and gentle, this book will help kids―and their parents with them―understand difficult concepts and communicate deep feelings as they grow through their season of mourning.

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