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Real Good Church: How Our Church Came Back from the Dead and Yours Can, Too

Real Good Church offers a look at everything First Church Somerville UCC, a progressive Christian church in the shadow of Harvard, MIT and Tufts Universities, did to reverse their death spiral and become the healthy, stable, spirited and robust community it is today. The triumphant renewal is highly visible in the large percentage of children and young adults in the church, a sixfold increase in pledged giving in the last decade, and most importantly in the spirit of joy that pervades the community.

The strategies they used can work in any church, in any setting: regardless of denomination, demographics, or political landscape.

The book addresses topics like outreach and growth strategies, finances and giving, creative worship including the central place of personal testimony and corporate prayer practices, church conflict and change, anxiety and laughter, and much more–all treated with humor and offering real, practical, immediate steps for getting started.

Many chapters of the book, along with new material, are available online at the Real Good Church blog.

…She offers refreshingly real and grounded insight–with practical tips and practices–and tells you how to grow a faith community and live together as Christians. Read it. You will love the journey.

Cameron Trimble

Executive Director and CEO, Center for Progressive Renewal

OK, folks: it’s here: the practical, encouraging, field-tested book to help pastors and lay leaders turn declining churches around. Really. This is it! It names the skills you need and books to help you get them, gives you samples of job descriptions and letters and lots of other super-practical stuff. As a veteran pastor, I can tell you that Molly has packed less than 200 pages with the guidance you need.

Brian McLaren

Author, Speaker, Activist

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