Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Silver Lake Conference Center, Sharon CT ~ July 9-15, 2017

I will be preacher of the week at my happy place, the fabulous UCC church camp, Silver Lake Conference Center in the gorgeous Northwest corner of Connecticut.

Ocean Park, Maine ~ Preacher of the Week ~ July 16-23, 2017

I’ll be preacher of the week at Ocean Park Association, aka Chautauqua-by-the-Sea, in beautiful coastal Maine! I’ll also be leading morning watch on Monday morning, and another spiritual formation program on Tuesday evening.

United Methodist Foundation, Chicago IL ~ August 26, 2017

I’ll be having a good ol time with the folks of the United Methodist Foundation of Northern Illinois this weekend, talking about Stewardship for Real People: Flaws and All.

Florida Conference UCC Annual Meeting, Daytona Beach, FL ~ October 12, 2017

Woohoo! I’ll be beachside with the wonderful people of the Florida Conference, United Church of Christ at their annual meeting, diving into deeper spiritual waters with them for the keynote presentation, workshop and preaching at the closing worship.

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Learn What Molly Can Do!

What topics is Molly available to discuss?

Sample workshops offered (all customizable…and about 60-75 minutes each):

  • Transparent Stewardship and Budgeting for Growth
  • Church for All Ages: Reaching Millennials, Families and Children
  • Creative Worship: Real Good Church
  • Church Conflict and Change Leadership
  • Physical Plant: the Building as Outreach
  • Outreach, Growth and Social Media
  • Standing Naked Before God: Starting a practice of testimony in your congregation

…or together we can develop new topics customized to the needs of your setting! Such as: politics and preaching, progressive Christian parenting, etc.

Is Molly available for Retreats?

Yes! On a very limited basis, as she is still a working pastor with a full-time parish gig.

How much does it cost to have Molly speak?

Sample honoraria for different kinds of gigs:  

  • Workshops within a 30-minute drive: $200-$250/hour, depending on topic and prep time
  • Overnight conferences/retreats where I am just one of several things going on: $1000-2000, $500 each additional night
  • Overnight conferences/retreats, where I am leading worship/multiple activities: $2500-4500, for 2-3 days
  • Keynote address: $2000-3500, depending on topic and prep time
  • Webinars: $200-250, depending on topic and prep time
  • Coaching fee: $150/hour by phone or Skype [only by formal arrangement, with a coaching contract]
  • Q&A with a local area church committee after they’ve read the book: $150/hour

Plus other expenses: mileage expenses (airfare and ground transportation, or mileage reimbursement) and meals


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