This week, January 22, 2019, I celebrate 8 years since I finished chemo. I can finally smell the soap at Dana Farber Cancer Institute without it triggering my gag reflex. And, I have enough perspective on what my cancer and chemo experience gave me, that I can reflect it to others.

My next project will be a memoir of cancer and faith tentative entitled Cancer is a Portal: On Being Unusually Alive and Grateful. It will feature some of the juicy material you may have enjoyed from the blog I kept during treatment, updated, along with all-new material. It will also have plenty of practical and spiritual advice & support for those undergoing cancer treatment currently, and those who love them.

I’m think I’m self-publishing it, but now that I have an awesome agent, the supportive and no-nonsense Joy Tutela, I may actually shop it to a publisher. Stay tuned for news later this spring!

Blessings, Tribe,


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